Work with Subdomains is about as simple a service as it gets.  I have registered a whole heap of subdomains on the domain, anyone can use these subdomains to refer to machines within their own network.  All the listed subdomains resolve to reserved Local IP addresses.  There are links below to all the registered subdomains of so you can find the one you want and use it.  Once it has been published it will not be changed.

This is a simple list.


Machine1, Machine2, Machine3 …,, …

Server1, Server2,Server3 …,, …

pc1,pc2,pc3 …,, …

Fruit & Veg

Apple, Bananna,,, … (Full List)


arkngb,rwhwod, (Full List)

Access API

We have an access API that allows you to get a domain name for a particular address using your favourite language by calling a web api on our site.



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